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3.5" Damascus Paring Knife
Imo L. (Salinas, California)
Sharp Paring Knife

Love my new Damascus paring knife. It’s very sharp and makes all the cutting job easier. It fits in my hand perfectly.

Wooden Knife Sheath
Kenneth M. (Kissimmee, Florida)

It fit perfectly on my santoku. Still have a few more knives to get but I can't wait to get the whole set. Amazing product.

Strong Magnet

My knives are 8 very heavy Coolnia knives and was worried the magnet would not be strong enough on both sides of the holder….pleasantly surprised

7" Damascus Santoku Knife
Jill O. (Oakland, California)
Robust and sharp!

The 7" Damascus Santoku Knife I received was much more thick and sturdy and robust than what I imagined. It's a little heavy to hold but I have full confidence it will slice anything very cleanly, so prepping is more enjoyable now.

8" Damascus Chef's Knife
Jason R. (Reigate, England)

8" Damascus Chef's Knife

7" Damascus Cleaver Knife
Karl K. (Kansas City, Missouri)
Incredible Chef Chopper!


Complete Damascus Knife Set
Ranset D. (Miami, Florida)
Amazing knife set

Very good quality and presentation

Wedding Gift for Godson and Bride

I bought a set when my daughter got married a couple years ago and really enjoyed watching them open each knife with ever increasing astonishment of the fineness as they found their home on the magnetic rack. A true thing of beauty. Seemed like a great idea to gift the Godson and bride. I’m hoping they are no social taboos for giving knives as a wedding gift! Keep up the good work 🙏🏻

Whetstone Knife Sharpener
Amy Z. (Denver, Colorado)
New knives

Well I have only using a handful of times. However, they are sharp without a doubt. They're also quite beautiful on my countertop. I also think I've been using really dull knives for way too long. I actually cut myself unboxing them and then again the first time I used them. I hate to admit it but the third time I went to use them I took a little bit of my fingernail with it as well. The cutting myself is clearly accidentally user air and the signs of sharp knives. I hope they maintain their sharpness. So far I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

 I own a stockman case pocket knife. This stone got it shaving sharp. The base is solid. The stone comes with rubber bumpers for when it is not in use, to protect it. 5 stars and definitely worth the money

8" Damascus Chef's Knife
Jeremy M. (New York, New York)
Worth it

Love the knife it's good quality perfect size cuts effortlessly and keeps a good edge

3.5" Damascus Paring Knife
Howard L. (McMinnville, Tennessee)
Great knife

Bought it for my wife and she loves it! She has small hands and didn’t like a 5” paring knife so I got her this one and she says it’s great!!

3.5" Damascus Paring Knife
Sally M. (Mercersburg, Pennsylvania)

This is an amazing knife. It's so sharp it just slides through everything. Great purchase

Whetstone Knife Sharpener
Elizabeth P. (Union Grove, Wisconsin)

Sorry I haven’t used it yet

7" Damascus Cleaver Knife
Glee M. (East Hartford, Connecticut)
Love this knife l!

Super comfortable to use and works perfectly for vegetable preparations.

7" Damascus Cleaver Knife
James V. (Richmond, Virginia)
Favorite knife

I originally purchased this knife some months ago and it quickly became my favorite out of many, many, knives. I chipped it on a bone and Knives Et. Replaced it for the cost of shipping. I was blown away by this offer and it is still my favorite (minus the chip). Can’t say enough good about the knife or my
Experience. Highly recommend this knife though, sharp, well balanced, beautiful, and I love the slight curvature of the blade that allows it to rock (unlike other veg. Cleavers I have seen. Buy it! You won’t be disappointed.

3.5" Damascus Paring Knife
Jackie F.J. (Clendenin, West Virginia)
Excellent craftsmanship and beautiful Style

I love a good knife and did I ever find one. It's excellent craftsmanship and a beauty to look at, razor sharp, plus it fits nicely in my hand.

9" Serrated Damascus Bread Knife
barbara (Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia)
Product. ✔️ ServiceX

The knife is beautiful. The fact it was delayed in delivery dur to the fact I wasn’t aware a phone # was required before shipping until I called a week later to check on status. Funnily enough my visa was charged on order day.. how long would you have delayed my gift order if I hadn’t called ..

5" Damascus Utility Knife
Nick D. (Newport, Wales)
Good knives

Nice, attractive knives. Utility knife is nice and small and easy to handle. Very sharp.

8" Damascus Chef's Knife
Gabriel M. (Fresno, California)
Sharp knife

Great quality durable sharp knife amazing looking damascus knife steel

Whetstone Knife Sharpener
Robert G. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Whetstone knife sharpener

I'm very pleased and satisfied.

5" Damascus Utility Knife
Joe S. (Los Angeles, California)
Great, small knife!

This knife can honestly do it all — from slicing, to dicing! It’s easily one of my go-to knives in my arsenal!

Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Stand
Anonymous (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Very well-marketed product and functions as expected, but arrived with minor dents in the wood, the build quality is cheap, and the product in general was a letdown.

Such a great way to store knives for the looks and ease of use. Knives, shears, and metal sticks. And you can use the front and back!! Will be buying another to display all of my kitchenware soon!!

I love it