Our Philosophy

Our knives, based on the same crafting principles as the Katana (samurai swords), are the finest on the planet. We’re here to honor the longstanding traditions that these precious blades stem from, bringing them to the enthusiastic cook at an affordable price point.

Meet Your New
Kitchen Essentials

Our handcrafted blades make cooking a joy and put centuries of rich history into the palm of your hand.

One Slice Can
Change Your Life

Our story began by chance, after stumbling upon a humble chef’s knife while traveling through Japan. After bringing it back to New Jersey, one slice was all it took to realize that there are levels to cooking, and those who get the most enjoyment from it use the best equipment.

The difference in efficiency and precision was night and day. Fast forward to today and we’re frontrunning the positive shift in cooking standards with unparalleled handcrafted blades.

Are you ready to fall in love with cooking again? It all starts with a slice.

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Your Daily Dose
of Dexterity

If you think you’re sharp enough, check out our blog for knife handling tutorials, care tips, recipes, and more.


Elevate Your Kitchen
to New Heights

Buy the Complete Set and SAVE 20%

Grab our four best selling blades along with our sleek and minimal knife stand for a serious kitchen upgrade. When bought together, save a whopping 20% on some of the best knives on the planet.