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7" Damascus Cleaver Knife
7" Damascus Cleaver Knife

7" Damascus Cleaver Knife

With an outrageously sharp edge and a hefty weight, there's nothing the Cleaver Knife can't handle. A seamless blend of form and function makes this a heavy-duty blade with an underlying elegance— a must-have for easy slicing up meat, cartilage, and vegetables. Asian Cleavers are used much like Chef's Knives and are unsuitable for chopping bone. Doing so will damage your blade as they're too light and brittle.

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Damascus Vegetable Cleaver

Thanks to an outrageously sharp edge and solid but balanced weight, the Damascus vegetable cleaver knife from KNIVES ETCETERA® can handle almost any task you place before it. Consisting of handmade Damascus steel, this Damascus steel cleaver will make your life much easier. It is the powerhouse knife in our range and a must-have for cutting up hard vegetables, dense meats, and cartilage.

A Work of Art

Our Damascus steel kitchen knives are unmatched in quality, efficiency, and usability. From the sharper bevels that keep their edge to the lifetime of use thanks to their durability.

Most kitchen knives we use in the west quickly become blunt, making slicing and dicing an experience to dread. Our top-tier blades stay razor-sharp and have the durability to last a lifetime.


A Compelling Kitchen Upgrade

Whether you’re starting your cooking journey, a kitchen enthusiast, or a culinary wizard, this Damascus steel Cleaver Knife will elevate your game.

The weight and momentum of this beefy blade make big kitchen tasks seem like hot knives through butter.


7" Damascus Cleaver Knife
7" Damascus Cleaver Knife

Masterfully Crafted to Last a Lifetime

Our signature Damascus steel kitchen knives are the finest in craftsmanship, materials, and performance. With 67 layers of Damascus steel enamored on either side, these beautiful blades will stay with you for some time.


Forged in Legend

Damascus steel has a history of being forged into legendarily sharp blades, claiming that it could split a hair simply by falling on the blade's edge.

Previously lost for centuries, modern blacksmiths have recovered this ancient forging technique. And now, we're bringing it to you.


7" Damascus Cleaver Knife
7" Damascus Cleaver Knife

Try It Risk-Free For 30 Days

We stand behind every layer of our forged Damascus steel kitchen knives. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you aren't happy, return it free within 30 days of your original purchase.

We stand behind every layer of forged Damascus steel kitchen knives. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you aren't happy, return it free within 30 days of your original purchase.


Damascus Chef's Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the 7" Damascus Cleaver Knife

Premium Damascus Steel
Our kitchen knives are made with high-carbon Damascus steel, offering an outstanding balance of sharp edge retention and durability, with 60% more carbon content than other “premium” knives. Precision forged using the traditional hot-drop method, tempered to the perfect hardness (60±2 Rockwell).

15° Blade Angle
While most cheaper Western-style kitchen knives have edge angles of 25 degrees, our extra hardness allows us to achieve a more acute 15-degree angle for a noticeably sharper cutting face.


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Denise N. (Avoca, Michigan)
Father’s Day gift

My husband loved the cleaver. Beautiful and well made. Very sharp

Anthony C. (The Bronx, New York)
Damascus cleaver

The order was lost in shipment. You made sure that I received the item by sending me another one. Very accommodating . I would order from you again!! Thank you !!

Martyn O. (Waterlooville, England)
7" Damascus Cleaver Knife

Very nice looking knife
Feels like good quality
Haven't had the need to use yet, but hopefully this weekend

Not so good:
However, the presentation box was damaged on arrival!
Luckily, contents seemed okay.

Studio S. (Mount Tremper, New York)
Great knife, but…

Love the knife…great cleaver. The only problem is the rivets on the handle are not flush with the wood. They pertrude and rub a bit on your hand.

James S.
Had to replace

Had to replace my 7 “ Damascus Cleaver due to the tip breaking off. Did not know how to do warranty claim.

Jacquelyn G. (Ephrata, Pennsylvania)

I love it! Very sharp nice

Great Knife and Customer Service

This knife is beautiful and very sharp. I love the ease or cutting. USPS seemed to have lost the original order but their customer service area resolved it without my even asking. They had another shipped very quickly. No complaints.

Elora (Sacramento, California)

Great quality.

Craig G. (Dingwall, Scotland)

This is the sharpest knife I have ever used,Absolutely brilliant,

Stacey S. (Ashton-under-Lyne, England)
Best clever ever

Received my clever quicker then expected and it was beautiful. Came in a nice box and was really really sharp from the get go. Everyone is obsessing over it at work and have some envy. It’s perfect size for me too with having small hands for a female it fits perfectly. The balance is good and it’s a really strong knife. Feel very confident when using it, not overly intimidating. Trust Badges


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