Complete Damascus Knife Set

Maximum versatility, minimum counter space. The four essential knives you need to start cooking better and Knife Stand to match. Grab our four best selling blades along with our sleek and minimal knife stand for a serious kitchen upgrade. When bought together, save a whopping 20% on some of the best knives on the planet.

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Damascus Knife Set

If you are looking for a knife set complete with razor-sharp blades then you have come to the right place! Highly precise, extremely versatile and visually appealing, the Damascus Knife Set from Knives Et Cetera will make even the most challenging of kitchen cooking experiences that much more enjoyable!

Why Choose Our Complete Knife Set?

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • What You Get.

    With the Damascus knife kit, you get a magnetic knife stand which makes for the perfect display piece to show off your gorgeous knives. The quality Damascus knives included in the set include: · The 5" utility knife · The 7" cleaver knife · The 7" santoku knife · The 8" chef's knife The right cutlery is essential, and the Damascus knife set offers all the variety you need and more!

  • An Abundance of Quality.

    Our Damascus Knife Set provides all that is needed to enhance your cooking experience while making your job that much easier. Our Damascus kitchen knives are unrivalled when it comes to usability, efficiency, and quality. And it is thanks in large part to the quality Damascus steel that they possess. The result is a set of Damascus knives made of the highest quality components which deliver time and time again when called upon.

  • Full-Tang Damascus Steel Knife Handle
  • Damascus Steel Knife Set
  • A Beautiful Work of Art.

    Ultimately, when you look for a knife, you're focused first and foremost on the practicality of the knives. Feel safe in the knowledge that you will receive extremely high-quality implements but also take note that Damascus offers handcrafted products that are a living artwork. The knives in this set all possess a glorious pattern that makes them so incredibly unique. They are crafted with extreme attention to detail.

Knife Set Specifications

Damascus Knife Bundle

  • Premium Damascus Steel

    Our Damascus Kitchen set of knives includes high-carbon Damascus steel. In fact, you receive 60 percent more carbon content than with other styles. This provides a better balance of sharp edges and durability. Plus, it was precision-forged with the hot-drop method, so it's tempered to the right hardness. The outcome is 4 premium quality kitchen utensils that deliver whenever required.

  • 15-Degree Blade Angle

    While the majority of Western-style products have 25-degree edge angles, the Damascus steel construction of the 4 knives in this set offers a 15-degree option for a sharper cutting face. This means that the 4 knives that make up this set deliver a sharper cut than the competition that is guaranteed to make your kitchen prep that much easier and enjoyable.

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The Best Uses for Your Damascus Knife Set

With our Damascus knife set you end up with all the tools required to get even the most arduous of cooking tasks done. The four knives are most effective when used to perform the following tasks:

Great for peeling, slicing and trimming fruit and vegetables
Perfect for precision kitchen tasks to add a bit of flair
Ideal for carving through dense meat and hard shell vegetables
The all-rounder of the group, great for almost any kitchen task

With all 4 knives in your inventory, there is no task too great! Thanks to the sharp blade and tremendous design you’ll be able to perform all manner of kitchen preparation with the greatest of ease.

Added Benefits of Our Damascus Knife Set

Your Tools for Life

Most of the common knives you use get blunt quickly. It makes slicing and dicing a hazard and poor experience. Each blade here in our Damascus knife set is designed to stay razor-sharp, and it also has the durability and precision that we all crave when it comes to kitchen utensils. Ensure you provide proper care and sharpening practices when required and you’ll soon find that this is the best kitchen knife set you’ll ever buy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Paul T. (Jefferson, Oregon)

Complete Damascus Knife Set

Raymond V. (La Marque, Texas)
My wife loves them!

She said they were the best quality knives she’s seen in awhile. She loves how they have such a beautiful pattern on them and that they are magnetic. To give our kitchen an eye catching piece of art.

Craig W. (Omaha, Nebraska)
Beautiful knives

Very sharp, nicely weighed, I wish the magnet board was a bit heavier.

Ruby S. (Cheltenham, England)
4 knife set & stand

I brought the 4 knife set w/ wooden stand.
It arrived super fast, within 2 days of order
It looks super sleek and stylish in our new kitchen.
So impressed, absolutely love them.
Looking forward to giving my partner the remaining 2 knives for Christmas

Douglas S. (Loomis, California)
Second great set.

Bought two sets. Great

Rick B. (Manchester, England)
Santoku Knife

Work of art, this is the best knife I've ever owned. I have three of my choice on the magnetic board also from knives etcetera.

Douglas S. (Granite Bay, California)
Great knives

The set is better than we thought it would be. Cuts like there is nothing in the way. Just slips right through what ever you are cutting. Great.

KAREN W. (Adams, Massachusetts)
perfect size

I bought the product for a Christmas gift for my husband and I am sure that he will love it.

Kimberly M. (Southfield, Michigan)
Gawgeous knives!

You simply cannot go wrong ordering from this company. The owner personally responds to you and thanks you for placing an order. The knives are beautifully crafted, perfectly balanced, feels good and looks good and are SHARP! I have ordered just about the entire set of knives and will be ordering the steak knife set next.

Debbie B. (Laconia, Indiana)

Love! Love these knives!! I’ve waited a long time for a knife set like this! Absolutely gorgeous and a joy to cook with!
Thank you!!
Debbie Buzek