9" Serrated Damascus Bread Knife

The serrated edge of the Bread Knife enables effortless cutting through crusty or tough foods while protecting a soft interior. Great for large fruits such as cantaloupe, pineapple or watermelon.

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Serrated Damascus Bread Knife

The 9 inch serrated damascus bread knife is a stunning implement for cutting through tough foods with a soft interior. High precision and easy to use.

Why Choose Our Serrated Bread Knife?

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • Better Quality.

    If you are looking for a high-quality, user-friendly, and efficient serrated-edged knife, you are not going to find a better option than this! The durability of the handle, tang, and stainless Damascus edge ensures that you can continue slicing for a lifetime.

  • Beautiful Craftsmanship.

    This product is more than a simple bread knife; our handcrafted Damascus knives are a piece of art. The blade and ergonomic handle of the long-serrated knife pay a great deal of attention to detail, which only adds to the ability of the edge to cut through anything.

  • Full-Tang Damascus Steel Knife Handle
  • Damascus Bread Knife
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

    Knives Etcetera premium stainless Damascus knives are not going to go blunt anytime soon. Slicing and dicing have never been easier with this trustworthy bread knife.

9" Damascus Bread Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the damascus bread knife

When you purchase the super high quality 9 inch serrated bread knife you receive:


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to new heights.

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See Also

  • Is the serrated knife worth it?

    Stainless Damascus steel knives are forged together by alloys, which result in a unique pattern that gives you a one-of-a-kind serrated steel knife. The techniques used are intricate; therefore, you are not going to find another bread knife with the same design. Overall, the craftsmanship of a stainless Damascus serrated kitchen knife is unmatched and is a highly valuable addition to your kitchen collection.

  • Is Damascus Steel Safe For Food?

    It is crucial to purchase food contact safe utensils. Stainless Damascus is a much safer option than non-stainless as it does not corrode. However, be aware, as certain stainless Damascus products do not meet the necessary requirements, which means that some are safe while others are unsafe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Mariusz S. (Nelson, England)
worth the price

That's exactly the thing I was looking for when it comes to knifes - good quality sharp steel that looks really appealing. We'll see how they'll fare after a while, but so far 100% happy about the purchase

Ian C. (Penge, England)

9" Serrated Damascus Bread Knife

Thomas D. (Spirit Lake, Iowa)

Great knives

Paul D. (Marco Island, Florida)
Excellent quality knives

This set we purchased for a friend. We have had a set for over a year. They cut through everything we prep to eat and have only needed sharpening once.

Deborah W. (Merced, California)
9" Serrated Damascus Bread Knife

I bought the Knife as a gift for my son. The knife is beautiful!! I have not cut with it but it looks like it will cut well. Happy with the purchase!

Rob A. (Plymouth, England)

Great knife, my fifth one. I will be back in touch soon for the filleting knife.

richard p. (Inverness, Florida)
great products

had some good german knives but needed an upgrade, these really did the trick.

Steve P.N. (Fairfield, Connecticut)

Great knife!

Doris D.
Not one crumb

There’s no cuts the bread so cleanly that there’s no crumbs. I absolutely love it. Thank you.

Dana M. (Hixson, Tennessee)

9" Serrated Bread Knife