6" Damascus Boning Knife

The Fillet/Boning Knife is perfect for delicate tasks such as filleting fish or deboning chicken breasts.

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Damascus Boning Knife

The Damascus Boning Knife is perfect for precision tasks such as deboning chicken breasts. Also known as the fillet knife for its effectiveness in filleting fish with ease.

Why Choose our Boning Knife?

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • A Cut Above.

    For crucial tasks like deboning chickens and filleting fish, you'll require a boning knife of quality, efficiency, and with immense usability. This is where the Knives Et Cetera fillet knife delivers perfectly. The sharper bevels that our knives possess ensures an unrivalled cutting experience.

  • A Work of Art.

    It's not all about the quality of the cut with our high carbon boning knife. Nowadays, consumers are looking for a knife that not only delivers, but one that is attractive by design and can be a talking point due to its visually aesthetic appeal. That is precisely what you get with our Damascus Boning Knife.

  • Full-Tang Damascus Steel Knife Handle
  • Damascus Boning Knife
  • Extreme Durability.

    You get what you pay for. Generally, most purchased boning knives that we use in the western world quickly become blunt. Considering the difficult tasks that they perform, this can often lead to a frustrating and uncomfortable kitchen experience. With our Damascus Boning Knife you receive a product that is specifically hand-crafted to last for years. The result is not only long term cost savings, but a satisfying cutting experience, each and every time.

Damascus Boning Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the damascus boning knife


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Do you need a boning knife at home?

That all depends on the kitchen tasks that you perform. For those not regularly performing fish filleting and deboning of chicken breasts, you can likely get away with the use of a damascus chef's knife for precision tasks. However, be aware of the harder job you will have performing precision tasks where a Damascus Boning Knife would have helped you perform the task in no time.

If you regularly fillet fish or debone chicken then we'd highly encourage a Damascus Boning Knife as it'll certainly help you to ease frustration, and to accomplish the task quickly and effectively.

Additional Boning Knife uses

It is not just about filleting fish and deboning chicken breasts! The Damascus Boning Knife is also an effective implement for:

Difficult fruits such as mangoes
Can double as a cookie cutter where needed
Can help draw the core out of apples and pears without damage
Great for preparing fruit tray decorations

Handy when baking if you want to core out a cake or cupcake in order to insert a filling.

As you can see the damascus boning knife can certainly be a worthy addition to your kitchen set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Haines L. (Jacksonville, Arkansas)

I had not received my knife and it was no fault of the companies. They reached out immediately and shipped another one. They kept me updated and I received this knife in time to give to my husband for Christmas. The customer service I received was top notch, even though the issue was with the shipping company. He loves this knife. The way it feels and cuts. Thank you!!!!

Scott W. (Alexandria, Virginia)
6" Boning Knife

Nice knife at a great price. Not as flexible as I expected for a boning knife, but will be a great tool in my kitchen when working to processing domestic and game meat. Very sharp, too, and seems to hold an edge well.

Geoff D. (Manchester, England)

6" Boning Knife

Colin S. (Wokingham, England)

good service

Paul K. (Stockton, California)
Great Knife

Wonderful and beautiful knife. A joy to have and use.

Leonard W. (Round Rock, Texas)
6 inch boning knife

6 inch boning knife very sharp , very well made , And absolutely beautiful. Worth every penny

Chris F. (Locust Dale, Virginia)
Well made and very sharp

There knives are amazing and very reasonably priced.They stay sharp and cut like butter!

Martin H.
excellent knife

I've gone through several boning knives to find a great one. I had paid a similar amount of money for a previous boning knife that seemed to be improperly heat treated. I could flex it to the side and it would stay put BENT. This Knives Et Cetera boning knife has been beautiful and functional for me. I really llike it.

Susan F. (Lynchburg, Virginia)
Effortless work

This is my 2nd knife from KnivesEtc and I will be ordering another. These knives have a nice weight, are perfectly balanced and cut so smoothly they are beyond compare to my other high end knives. I'll be collecting knives from KnivesEtcetera.

Susan W. (Burlingame, California)

Well made but heavy. Will be efficient boning red meats, fowl but for more delicate trimming it may be too robust.