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As usual, a great knife

You’ve done it again. Another great and very sharp knife. I am in love with
these knives.

Best knives

Best knives I’ve used.

7 inch cleaver knife

Awesome and just love it!

good service

Looks great!

I looked at a ton of models before I found this one. It looks great on my counter and holds more knives than a traditional knife block. It's attractive and the branding is subtle which I appreciate, I hate buying products that feel like advertisements in themselves!


All the knives of the range are beautiful. That’s the first thing to say. Their smooth dark wooden handles and well shaped blades give them beauty.

2. All these knives are well weighted.

This knife feels simple. It fits in your hand well, cuts well. It’s easy to use, if you know what i mean. It’s so well designed that you don’t notice that you are using it. You only notice it because it looks beautiful. It feels simple to use, but i am sure it took a lot of craftmanship to make it so well so that you can use it ‘without noticing it’.

Quality products!

Love my stone and the magnetic knife stand!

3.5" Paring Knife

Beautiful and effective

We have an entire set of these knives now, including the magnetic knife board. They are handsome knives, they are well weighted and feel nice in your hand, and they cut nicely. What else could you want from a knife?


Love the grains of wood! Such a pretty and functional way to store knives.

8” chefs knife

Prompt delivery, beautiful knife. Well balanced and razor sharp. Love it. Will look to buy more in the future. Thank you .

5" steak knife

Quality! Perfect little knife for not just cutting a steak but certain fruits and vegetables.
Will be ordering more of the set.

Beautiful Knife Block

I am more than thrilled with my purchase. I was looking for a knife block, but wanted something ‘not Blocky’! I found it in this unique magnetic wood stand. I just love it! Thank you so much!!

Great Magnetic Knife Stand


Perfect for my kitchen. Very sturdy & easy to take & replace knives without
the stand moving. Do not miss the wood block!

Great Knife

Wonderful and beautiful knife. A joy to have and use.

5" Utility Knife

Magnetic knife stand

It does work. My thoughts are it isn’t as nice looking as what was pictured. The biggest issue is that it doesn’t hold very many knives and I truly wanted to buy more. The stand is a bit too small. The strength of the magnet does not hold the knives as well as it should.

Knife stand

Like it a lot

beautiful knife block

beautiful and well-made. has strong magnetic pull.

Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

They are perfect. Have been wanting something like this for a long time. Clean and sexy looking. Can cut tough stemmed flowers and handle all kitchen/packaging/food needs.

Beautifully crafted knives.

We love these knives. We had ordered a few different knives and after recieving and using them we ordered more. My favorite is the cleaver and the paring knive.

Great Find

Beautiful Knives. Very well constructed. REALLY sharp. Great value. Great find...I want one of every knife they make.

6 inch boning knife

6 inch boning knife very sharp , very well made , And absolutely beautiful. Worth every penny

Great knives

Great quality knife for the price