7" Damascus Cleaver Knife

With an outrageously sharp edge and a hefty weight, there’s nothing the Cleaver Knife can’t handle. A seamless blend of form and function make this a heavy-duty blade with an underlying elegance. A must-have for slicing up meat, cartilage, and vegetables with ease.  Asian Cleavers are used much like Chef Knives and are not made for chopping bone. Doing so will damage your blade as they're too light and brittle.

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7” Damascus Cleaver

Thanks to an outrageously sharp edge and solid but balanced weight, the 7”Damascus cleaver knife from Knives Et Cetera can handle almost any task you place before it. Consisting of handmade Damascus steel, the 7” cleaver will make your life so much easier. It is the powerhouse knife in our range and a must have for cutting up hard vegetables, dense meats and cartilage.

Why Choose Our Damascus Cleaver Knife?

Please keep in mind our custom 7" cleaver knife is not meant to cut through bone. Be careful to only go through the meat and cartilage during kitchen preparation.

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • Highly Effective.

    The 7 inch cleaver is a cut above the rest. This in large part is thanks to the Damascus steel it possesses, which allows for sharper cuts. What you get is quality, efficiency, and usability. The result is a cleaver knife that delivers when it comes to accomplishing the hardest of kitchen cutting tasks. Whether, carving through squash or root veggies, or making its way through dense connective joint tissue, the cleaver knife is more than up to the task.

  • Stunning Design.

    Extremely pleasing on the eye, the beautiful pattern of the handcrafted cleaver blade is the result of maximum attention to detail. The pattern itself is reminiscent of that you find on traditional Damascus steel. The wood handle is also professionally built thus delivering quality while ensuring maximum performance is maintained. Rest assured that our Damascus steel cleaver is the perfect addition to your kitchen, and oozes visual appeal.

  • Full-Tang Damascus Steel Knife Handle
  • Damascus Steel Cleaver Knife
  • Guaranteed to Last

    Be safe in the knowledge that our carefully designed and manufactured cleaver knife is made to go the distance. We put the effort into the production process to ensure that you are provided with a knife that will be with you for eternity. Providing you stay up to speed with the care and sharpening required of any knife, you’ll be left satisfied with a cleaver that you’ll be able to call upon whenever you have a difficult task at hand.

7" Cleaver Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the damascus cleaver knife


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The Best Uses for Your 7 inch Damascus Cleaver Knife

The cleaver knife is essential for those tasks that are just a little too difficult for the other knives in your kitchen set. Think of it as the alpha member of your team and as a result it performs some functions much more effectively than others. These functions include:

Carving through dense meats
Slicing through harder to cut vegetables like squash and root vegetables
Makes quick work of a range of meats including poultry, beef and pork
Cutting well-balanced, fine slices ideal for meat and vegetables

And it is all thanks to the razor sharp blade and high quality steel that makes cutting a joyful experience. The result is a shortened preparation time and less vigor required as the 7 inch cleaver does the heavy lifting for you.

When you purchase a cleaver knife with Knives Et Cetera, you are receiving a kitchen implement that delivers maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Incorporate proper care and cleaning techniques and you’ll have found yourself the best cleaver you’ll ever get your hands on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Craig G. (Dingwall, Scotland)

This is the sharpest knife I have ever used,Absolutely brilliant,

Stacey S. (Ashton-under-Lyne, England)
Best clever ever

Received my clever quicker then expected and it was beautiful. Came in a nice box and was really really sharp from the get go. Everyone is obsessing over it at work and have some envy. It’s perfect size for me too with having small hands for a female it fits perfectly. The balance is good and it’s a really strong knife. Feel very confident when using it, not overly intimidating.

Daniel D. (Everett, Washington)
Sharpest blade ever...

Nicked myself unpacking it and bled all over...

Sameer S. (Kihei, Hawaii)
My go-to knife for everything

This is a perfect knife for my everyday use. I initially used it for meats but fell in love with it so much that i use it for almost everything. The balance on this knife is great. I purchased another one recently to gift the same knife to my friend who loved it when he visited us.

Perry W. (Secaucus, New Jersey)
This knife is GORGEOUS

This is a fantastic knife. It's wickedly sharp, well balanced, has a beautiful blade and handle, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I can already tell this knife will last a lifetime.

Laronna D. (Broadway, Virginia)

I love this cleaver! It slices and dices so easily. Best knife ever

Paul K. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Wonderful instrument!

The beauty is obvious but, the balance and wicked sharpness makes this my favorite knife on the rack!

Belinda M. (Middletown, New Jersey)
I love all of these knives!

The 7” cleaver has a great weight to it for controlling the blade and cuts through a spaghetti squash or acorn squash with ease! This is the 3rd knife I have bought and have pre-ordered another one. I highly recommend this knife!

Lisa G. (Voorhees Township, New Jersey)
Love, Love, Love It

I love my new knife. I have used it every day since I got it. It's nice and comfortable in my hand and very sharp! I will be purchasing other new knives and passing on my old knives to my son.

Mike D. (Ontario, Oregon)

I am impressed love my new cleaver!!