8" Damascus Carving Knife

The 8 inch Damascus Carving Knife is ideal for carving medium sized roasts and fowl, as well as cutting vegetables and fruit . The straight edge eliminates shredding as you slice through your meat.

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8" Damascus Carving Knife

If you enjoy brisket, prime rib, ham, or roast beef, a carving knife is an essential slicer for making uniform cuts of meat. A carving knife has less surface area than the chef’s knife, and makes cutting thin slices of large roasts simple while also doubling as a bread knife.

Why Choose our Damascus Carving Knife?

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • A Cut Above.

    It all comes down to quality. Made with longevity in mind, the carefully crafted Damascus Steel Carving Knife is unrivalled in efficiency and quality. It's all thanks to the combination of sharpness and durability, that leads to a lifetime of satisfied use.

  • A Work of Art.

    A Damascus Carving Knife can be more than just an effective cutting tool. With such an emphasis placed on building aesthetically pleasing environments to cook in, more and more kitchen enthusiasts are looking for attractiveness in their knives. Our perfectly crafted knives are sure to gain your guests attention at your next dinner party.

  • Full-Tang Damascus Steel Knife Handle
  • Damascus Carving Knife
  • A Knife to last for Life.

    An attractive knife that carves with ease in one thing, but it's important that the knife maintains its sharpness and effectiveness for years to come. Our Damascus Carving Knives are designed to go the distance. The careful manufacturing process ensures that you are receiving a knife of the highest standard - one that will last a lifetime.

Carving Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the damascus carving knife


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The ideal uses for a carving knife

The primary use of the carving knife is to perform thin, precise cuts from cooked meats such as turkey and chicken. Additionally, a carving knife is sometimes used for filleting large fish. Perhaps the most common occasion when a carving knife takes centre stage is when Thanksgiving arrives and the sweet slices of turkey breast are a direct result of the effectiveness of the carving knife being utilized.

The carving knife is easily recognizable due to its pointy tip and long, thin blade. Which makes it the ideal ally when it comes to slicing large pieces of meat into thin, more consumable slices.

Most people will opt between a carving knife and chef knife when looking for a substitute to the task they are performing. In effect, the carving knife is much thinner. The sharp edge to the carving knife allows you to get into the joints as you perform your carving duties. This also assists in carving around bones as you delve into the grunt work.

Why you need a Damascus Steel Carving Knife.

The primary purpose of the Carving Knife is to perform thin, precise cuts into meat. The usual roast meats, that are normally the star of dinner parties, can all be easily carved with our Damascus Carving Knife. The result being the accomplishment of your dinner prep with ease, and an attractive carved roast illuminated as the centerpiece of your dinner table!

The Bottom Line

To summarize, choosing the best knife for the kitchen task you are facing comes down to blade length, sharpness and a number of other factors. Therefore, it is important that you understand the value of each knife. A quality carving knife that is designed to carve through meats and produce quality slices is an essential addition to any kitchen.

Customer Reviews

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Corinne T. (Needingworth, England)

I apologise that I have not responded, however the knives are a present for my son, and I havn't given them to him yet. What I can say that they were delivered extremely quickly.

Joe L. (Triangle, Virginia)
Beautiful Function

This is gorgeous knife that fits great in your hand, well balanced, and razor sharp. I have wusthufs, Henkels, and zwilling knives and this beats them all!

Customer (Victorville, California)

8" Carving Knife

Chris L. (Los Angeles, California)
8” Carving knive

Used this bad boy on a 2 briskets , cut like it was butter , Knives Et Cetera are super sharp , won’t be disappointed with any of there knives , great customer service also