7" Damascus Santoku Knife

This stunning general-purpose blade steals the show with its elegant design, durability, and ease of use. Perfect for precision tasks in the kitchen, boasting a masterful ability to slice, dice, and mince your way to mouthwatering meals. Perfectly balanced, as all great knives should be.

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Damascus Santoku Knife

Become the kitchen wizz that you have always wanted to be! A master of the culinary arts is nothing without their tools, and one of the most essential is the knife. Don't miss out on quality and precision--upgrade your kitchen with the Damascus Santoku from Knives Et Cetera!

Why Choose Our Santoku Knife?

It is so important that we consider all aspects related to quality and longevity. For this, we use only the best materials for our knives and the best methods for assembly, all of which transfer to our Santoku knife.

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • Premium Quality.

    Our Damascus Santoku Japanese knife goes beyond the expectations of traditional culinary knives by increasing the maneuverability of the handle as well as the blade. Most importantly, we ensure that all materials used to make the product are top of the line. We use Damascus steel, which is historically one of the best materials for sharp blades, to make a quality Japanese santoku. That means you get one thing with the use of these knives: premium quality.

  • Ahead of the rest.

    With today's modern kitchen, knives are more than just a tool for cutting down and dicing, they are the instrument for artistic culinary expression. Your blade allows you to showcase a beautiful meal created by hand. Rather than having a quickly cut, poorly executed meal, the lightweight and steel santoku knife gives you razor-sharp precision to make your food look as tasty as it actually is.

  • Full-Tang 7 inch Damascus Steel Santoku Knife Handle
  • Damascus 7 inch Santoku Knife
  • Lasts a Lifetime

    Most brands like to say that their products can last a long time. However, "a long time" means nothing if you end up having to purchase another knife later on. As a result, our carefully designed and crafted santoku knife can last as long as one lifetime, meaning you get the same blade sharpness years after your initial purchase. If you routinely sharpen your knife and care for it, the quality never fades away.

7" Santoku Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the damascus santoku knife


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The Best Uses for Your Damascus Santoku Knife

While santoku knives have a general-purpose for cooking, there are some areas in which they function the best:

Handling and cutting meat, fish, and cheese
Dicing, chopping, or cutting fruits, vegetables, and nuts
Mincing herbs
Cutting well-balanced, fine slices ideal for meat and vegetables

Santoku knives have a sharp edge blade that makes them really useful and simple to use. Plus, the shorter blade length keeps all ingredients close and well within control. As a result, you get a superb knife that chefs of all levels use for handling their meat, fish, and vegetables--among many other ingredients.

As you can see, our Santoku knife is reliable in all cutting aspects of the kitchen. When you purchase a knife like this, you can expect versatility to be a priority. While it is certainly not your standard simple knife, it can certainly help with large cooking jobs that need a bit more attention to detail. Plus, with a little care and if you routinely sharpen the tool, it can be the longest lasting cooking knife you will ever buy.

Santoku Knives: Class, Quality, and Artistic Cooking

A santoku is a Japanese knife that is used for general cooking purposes, making it one of the most popular type of knives in both professional and home kitchens. They have a thinner blade as compared to other knives, making cuts much more refined and controlled. Not to mention that a Japanese santoku is light-weight and easier to maneuver.

Since this type of knife originates from Japan, "Santoku" means "three virtues" in Japanese, which refers to the three purposes for using the blade: slicing, mincing, and dicing. Many chefs and cooks prefer to have this style blade in their toolbelt because of its flexibility in usage. It means they do not have to buy multiple brands of knives. Plus, a santoku is much easier to use than the traditional western style knife. Additionally, with its seamless handle, you get a knife that emphasizes precision cutting and full control.

Due to its versatility, weight, and efficacy, a santoku knife is just what you need in your kitchen. Combining all the elements of style and sophistication--along with extra control for artistic cutting--santoku knives allow you to cut common ingredients with an added flair that makes you feel like a culinary master. However, you cannot purchase just any santoku knife. You need one that perfectly offers the three virtues coupled with style, efficiency, and durability--just like our knife!

Why You Should Have a Quality Santoku Knife in the Kitchen

Combining the best elements of santoku knives and Damascus steel, we bring beautiful style to cutlery that not only provides a quality blade edge for precise and easy cutting, but also a lightweight design that is easy to handle and maneuver. Our Damascus Santoku blade is a one-time purchase that allows you to chop, slice, and dice all your favorite ingredients like meat, fish, and vegetables.

While the blade measures seven inches in length (176 mm), the handle stretches five inches (126 mm), making for a 12-inch total knife for pristine and professional cutting. What's more, is that the handle is sleeker than ever. Featuring grooves and ridges that form perfectly to your hand, the handle is one of the knife's shining moments for control and dexterity as you slice your meat, fish, vegetables, or whatever it is that makes your taste buds tick.

The shape of a Santoku knife allows you to cut much faster without lacking precision. Unlike Western-style knives, it has no tip, which means that you can cut food with one single downward slice. For any other kitchen knife with a sharp edge tip at the front, you must use the rock method to cut through an item. This is the method in which you must first use the initial tip to cut before slicing with the rest of the blade. Though it is an effective way to handle food, it is not the most efficient. Our Japanese-inspired Santoku knife allows you to chop quickly and make efficient cuts, turning your kitchen into a well-oiled machine.

Overall, a Japanese style santoku has a razor-sharp blade to allow for precise and quick cutting. With the professional quality and feel, you can be productive in the kitchen without having to sacrifice a clean-cut appearance.

Notable Features of Our Santoku Knife

The Difference Between a Chef's Knife and a Santoku

The most common difference between a chef's knife and a Japanese santoku is the shape. Chef's knives have pointed tips with a thicker spine for added weight. As a result, cutting with chef's knives is a little more difficult due to the extra pressure. Though it is effective in chopping, slicing, and cutting, this type of kitchen knife cannot produce the three virtues with careful cuts like a santoku. Plus, you cannot beat the double bevel our Santoku offers.

The primary purpose of a chef's knife is to create larger cuts. Meanwhile, santoku knives can go beyond this and give you finer, thinner cuts if you so wish. These cuts are often found in Japanese dishes, which are attributed to the foundations of this practical and efficient knife.

Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is a centuries-old material for all things with blades, including swords, spears, and knives. In fact, the original "recipe" for producing Damascus steel is lost, and so now we can only rely on clues left behind in history. Despite this, Damascus steel is one of the strongest materials you can buy for blades in terms of sharpness and durability. A blade made from Damascus is so special because it carries thousands of years’ worth of craftsmanship right to your hand.

This steel is unique because it is not made of pure metal. The reality is that it is a combination of metals and high carbon concentrations. Due to the way it is made, this steel also has a wavy, textured style to it, which gets highlighted in our Damascus Santoku knife.

Being made from this type of steel, our Japanese-inspired knife has a Rockwell hardness of 60+2. It makes the blade feel lighter than ever without compromising its splitting and chopping effects.

Summing Up

As you shop for knives, consider our Japanese-inspired Santoku with lightweight Damascus steel. It has all the capabilities of western-styled knives but goes beyond that scope to offer more precision and comfort. If you use proper care and cleaning techniques in your kitchen, then you have just found the ultimate 7 inch Santoku Knife.

Customer Reviews

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Alfie D.J. (Long Beach, California)
The Best Knife

This knife is the best knife I have ever owned and used for that matter. And I love the look of the knife. It feels great in my hand.

Paul W. (Middleville, Michigan)
Very nice knife…

I was pleased with this knifes build quality and balance….I have used Henkel 5 stars for thirty years or so and love them. This knife definitely stand up to the Henkels.

Bruce D. (Frederick, Maryland)
7" Damascus Satoku Knife

Great knife, handles well, nice balance. Good quality overall for the price.

Roberta D. (Melbourne Beach, Florida)
Perfect gift

Beautiful knife with great balance. My chef daughter will love it.

Shelli Z. (Xenia, Ohio)
Great knife

Best knife I’ve ever owned. More than likely buying more soon.

Kenneth M. (Kissimmee, Florida)
Damascus knife.

I love this knife and have used it everyday since I got it. I work in the culinary field and it has definitely been my favorite knife so far. Keep up the great work and I am sure I will be getting more knives from your company.

Dennis W. (Leicester, England)
Perfect knife

Great knife and very sharp , great service.

Tracie T. (Hackney, England)
Gorgeous knife

A lovely gift that will last for life

Barnaby (Morden, England)
High Quality

Very nice knife, bought as gift, looks beautiful and of course sharp

Cheryl F. (New York, New York)

7" Damascus Santoku Knife