5" Damascus Utility Knife

The Damascus Utility Knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife and generally the entry level blade for the beginning cooking enthusiast. It is lighter and smaller than the chef or santoku offering more control for the less experienced chef. This knife is a kitchen essential for peeling, slicing and trimming fruits and vegetables. It can also be used to cut on small roast and fowl.

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Damascus Utility Knife

When it comes to being a pro in the kitchen, you need this 5" Utility knife. It works for all purposes and is a great entry-level tool to have in the home. You're going to appreciate that it's smaller and lighter than the Santoku and Chef knives. That way, you have more control and enjoy your time cooking!

Why Choose our Damascus Utility Knife?

You want a razor-sharp knife, and the Japanese Utility knife is the right choice. Here are some of the top reasons you need it in your home:

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • Better Cut.

    Our products have the best efficiency, usability, and quality. The high-carbon stainless steel of the Damascus utility knives makes them sharper for longer.

  • Beauty.

    The Damascus Utility isn't just a blade. You actually have a handcrafted knife that's like artwork. See how it glimmers in the light with impressive style! Guests are probably going to compliment your Damascus knife more than what's on your walls!

  • Full-Tang Damascus Steel Knife Handle
  • Damascus Steel Utility Knife
  • Tool for a Lifetime

    With our spectacular Damascus utility blade, you never have to worry about bluntness. You don't want to make mush out of your sliced and diced foods. With this beautiful Damascus blade, you never dread chopping time.

5" Utility Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the damascus utility knife


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More About our Utility Knife


The etched design is something that everyone can appreciate. Whether you're hoping to bring something beautiful to your home or you want to bring it out and chop at the dining table, everyone is going to appreciate it. The handle is ergonomic, and it makes it look simple.

However, when you pull it out of the drawer, you see the gorgeous blade. They have a unique appearance, so you can enjoy this 5-inch utility knife every day! In fact, the pattern features gorgeous squiggles that look more traditional. On top of that, there is a riveted handle. This adds a classic appearance and helps it remain durable for slicing any material.


The tang of the knife can also be called the shank. It's the back portion of the blade where it goes into the handle. This easy-cut utility knife is made of stainless like the blade. However, it's smaller, and the pattern stops here. You're going to find that it's so easy to hold the handle with ease.

Other Products to Go Along with This Knife

When you choose the Damascus brand, there are many other steel (stainless) blades to consider. Though you may want this compact utility knife because it has the features you need and is small, don't forget the rest of the lineup.

Consider the Santoku blade, which is a general-purpose option that has an elegant design and is very easy to use. You're going to find that it is high-quality and ready for anything, even fine foods.

There's also the amazing Chef blade, which is a workhorse. The gorgeous blade makes it easy to cut things, and it's a staple for many homes, whether you're cutting vegetables or meat.

Don't forget to purchase a knife stand. No one wants their beautiful products to be hidden away in a drawer. With our magnetic stand, you can hold the blades in place at an angle. That way, you can keep it on the countertop for everyone to marvel over.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Vadim E. (Santa Clara, California)

5" Damascus Utility Knife

Marty M. (Arlington, Tennessee)
Best utility knife

I think the best thing about this knife and really all there knives, is that they feel like they were made especially for you. They fit perfectly and we know about the sharpness

Jose B.S. (Olivehurst, California)

We are extremely pleased with our 5” Utility Knife.

Kenneth S.
Good looking functional knife

My wife really likes using it to cook, she says if feels good in her hand. I like the way it looks.

DENIS A. (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

More than pleased both with product and customer service.

Bruce S. (Roscommon, Michigan)

5" Utility Knife

Dean G. (Reno, Nevada)

Good buy, nice price and great design. It just feels right in your for doing the work. Planning on getting the bread knife next.

Amy B. (Shelby, Iowa)
I love it

So beautiful and so sharp! I’ll be getting the whole set next!

Don W. (Santa Clara, Utah)
Great Knifes

These are some bad ass knives. They are so sharp and balanced. My wife loves them. Would recommend them to any one

Dana M. (Hixson, Tennessee)

I have left Two messages with a question in the last few weeks . Would love an answer! Thanks Lynn