Cooking More is the perfect New Year’s Resolution

Cooking More is the perfect New Year’s Resolution

With Christmas now behind us, many are turning their attention to the New Year. One of the most often discussed topics following the celebrations that occur on the 31st of December, relates to the settling on New Year’s resolutions. The most common of which tend to be quitting a bad habit, starting a diet, and taking on a new hobby. 

However, one of the most commonly overlooked, but most rewarding, is the resolution to spend more time in the kitchen. 

What makes cooking the perfect resolution

There are a number of reasons why cooking can appeal to those searching for a worthwhile resolution. 

Start Cooking & Stop with the Takeaway

Most people who take up cooking in the New Year, do so to limit the amount of time spent eating out. There is certainly nothing wrong with takeaway but most will find that frequently indulging can lead to weight gain and it isn’t cheap. It all adds up. 

The element of control over the ingredients is a great way to control what is going into your body meaning that you can cook with the healthiest of ingredients, or conversely the most decadent, it all depends on your preference. But the fact remains, you control every single element. 

Start Cooking for Therapeutic Reasons

The practice of cooking can be one where people benefit in many ways from a psychological perspective. Let’s face it - completing a meal and the satisfaction that comes from it tasting the way you anticipated can be a sensational feeling. 

It’s not only the completion of the dish that can be an enjoyable experience. The preparation of a meal, after a long day at work, with wine in hand and gentle tunes playing in the background can be an extremely relaxing experience. This is especially the case where your knives and cooking utensils are of a high quality. 

The cost effectiveness

Perhaps the most understated advantage of taking up cooking on a more regular basis is the cost-saving that can occur. It might not seem like it, especially the first time you go to the supermarket and load up on products, but the price per dish is going to be considerably less than purchasing pre-made food dishes.

Once the kitchen implements are purchased and tucked safely in your kitchen, you are going to find that the costs of taking up cooking on a more regular basis really are advantageous to your bottom line. 

What will you need

As mentioned previously, the most challenging part of deciding to spend more time in the kitchen, or deciding to venture in there for the first time, comes with the initial outlay for the kitchen implements that you will need in order to make a success of your resolution. 

Pots & Pans 

This will likely depend on whether you are a complete beginner, or whether you already venture into the kitchen on occasion. It makes sense when starting out to get quality pots and pans that suit what you intend to cook. So first, you’ll need to decide on the type of cuisine you’ll likely be cooking - what this requires following research in terms of kitchen implements - and then make the purchases required. 

Knives & other utensils

Whether starting out fresh or returning to the kitchen on a more regular basis, the most likely decision you will have to make is the purchase of new, high-quality knives that will make any kitchen task easier, and much more enjoyable. A great starting point is the purchase of a premium kitchen knife set that will contain all the necessary knives to make your kitchen time a joy.

In addition, purchasing handy support implements such as kitchen shears, a whetstone sharpener, or a magnetic knife holder for your quality knife products will not go to waste. 

A recipe book 

While not essential, a recipe book can provide inspiration and a large number of ideas, for the aspiring cook undecided on what dishes to cook. There are a large range of recipe books available, many themed for specific cuisines or dietary requirements (ie. Vegan cook books). 

Definitely not a must, but a handy addition to any kitchen, especially for beginners. 

Fresh ingredients

You are almost ready to go! The final task is to head down to your local supermarket and grab some tasty, fresh ingredients related to the dish you’ll be cooking. The fresher the ingredients, the more satisfying the results! 

A New Year’s Resolution that can’t be beat

Think of cooking as one of the most satisfying tasks you can accomplish. Not only will it save you money and provide the ability to control what you are putting into your body, but it really does provide some great therapeutic benefits as you indulge in your creation upon completion of your cooking adventure. Best of luck!


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