The Versatile benefits of take apart kitchen shears

The Versatile benefits of take apart kitchen shears

If you consider yourself an amateur kitchen whiz then you may already know the tremendous value of take apart kitchen shears. The value they provide in the kitchen cannot be understated. Highly versatile and a key member of any culinary set, they remain underrated by many who have yet to discover their value. 

But did you know that they can perform a range of additional functions outside the kitchen that can help make your life easier? But first let's recap their kitchen value. 

Take apart shears make your kitchen life easier

The range of tasks that your take apart kitchen shears can perform in the kitchen are diverse and varied. To summarize, here are just a few of their most useful functions: 

Cutting Raw meats such as bacon 

During breakfast prep you may have noticed the difficulty in making consistent cuts when prepping bacon to accompany your eggs. Often a knife will fail to accomplish this due to the slippery nature of the meat when in this raw state. Kitchen shears on the other hand are more than capable of achieving straight, accurate slices. 

They are also tremendously handy when dealing with other commonly prepared raw meats such as poultry. 

Incredible Bread Snipping Capability

One of the most frustrating kitchen tasks, especially if you do not possess a serrated bread knife, is cutting dough products like pizzas and focaccia into wedges, triangles and squares. Take apart shears are very adept at performing this function.  

They make reshaping food into mini-bites an ease

Any parent will attest that juggling a child and performing kitchen tasks can sometimes be difficult. It is often not practical to step away from your child to adjust food into smaller sizes in order to safely feed it to your child. Having kitchen shears on hand can easily allow you to snip food down to a suitable size while you still keep an eye on your little one to ensure that they stay out of mischief. 

Herb & Spice Assignments

The delicate and sometimes precarious task of cutting herbs and spices can lead to cuts and scrapes if your kitchen knife skills are somewhat lacking. This is where take apart kitchen shears can serve a tremendous benefit as the user can make the cuts required without risking damage to their hands and fingers. 

Additional Uses for your Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears can serve some additional benefits outside the kitchen in situations where you’d never dream of running to the kitchen draw to utilize them. While these tasks are hardly what the product was created for, they are more than able to perform the task where other implements are unavailable. 

The most common of these additional uses are: 

  • Opening hard to unfasten jars
  • Cracking nuts
  • Masquerading as a bottle opener
  • The best camping buddy

Opening hard to unfasten jars

If you look closely at your pair of kitchen shears you’ll notice the dual metal-teeth grippers inside the handles. These are not here by accident and provide the excellent opportunity to perform ‘difficult to open’ tasks. It's a simple function to perform - simply place the teeth on two separated areas of the lid of the object you are attempting to prize open. Doing so provides the torque required to loosen the lid and gain access to the contents within. 

Cracking Nuts

The metal-teeth grippers are just as effective when used to crack sizable nuts such as walnuts and pecan nuts. Many kitchens are void of nutcrackers or lobster crackers, so your pair of kitchen shears are more than capable of performing the job. 

Masquerading as a bottle opener

One of the most likely implements to go missing in the kitchen is the standard bottle opener. Most of us have been there, you’ve had a couple of drinks, grabbed the bottle opener and not realized as it slides under the couch never to be seen from again. This is where kitchen shears can often come in handy as most have one built into the handles. 

The best camping buddy

While a lot of campers will carry a swiss army knife into the bush, a pair of kitchen shears is also capable of performing many of the tasks that arise during a camping trip. From opening bottles of beer, to cutting down kindling, your pair of take apart kitchen shears is worth packing on any camping trip.


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