5" Damascus Steak Knife

The 5" Damascus steak knife is the ideal product for carving right through steaks, chops and other hard to cut meats.

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Damascus Steak Knife

Become the chef you've always wanted to be! You don't need a lot of experience to cook delicious meals, but you do need the right kitchen tool. A master can't do their job without the essentials, and that is true of steak knives. Don't miss out on the fantastic precision and the perfect implement to cut through steaks, chops and other hard to carve meat products.

Why Choose Our Steak Knife?

  • Raindrop Damascus Steel Pattern
  • Better Quality.

    Steak knives have to be the best quality, and ours are unmatched in terms of usability, durability and efficiency. You have sharper bevels to keep their edge, so they stay razor-sharp for many years!

  • Beautiful Craftsmanship.

    These triple-riveted steak knives are more than just a blade and handle. They are a living artwork thanks to their beautiful design and overall aesthetic appearance. Guests are sure to compliment your stainless steel steak knives.

  • Full-Tang Damascus Steel Knife Handle
  • Damascus Steel Steak Knife
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

    With a lifetime warranty, our knives are sure to provide satisfaction and safety of mind. They don't become blunt because the Damascus steel stays sharp throughout the years where proper care is applied!

Damascus Steak Knife Specifications

A blueprint of the damascus steak knife


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More Reasons to Love Damascus Steel Knives

We can't finish talking about our Damascus steel steak carving knife options just yet. Here are even more reasons to love them:

  • Comfortable Length and Materials

    The blade length is 125mm, while the handle is 110mm long. Plus, it uses a full tang, which means the cutting blade goes all the way through the handle.

    Damascus steel is such a great option. Don't delay! They're stainless, and they're always going to stay sharp so that you can cut through steak effortlessly. Plus, the handle material is made of durable wood that guarantees it’ll be part of your kitchen for many years to come.

  • Ability to Cut Through Steak Easily

    The most important feature of the damascus steel steak knife is its capability to smoothly carve through those meats that often provide resistance and increase frustration. It is way a steak knife is such a crucial member of any kitchen set where meat is often on the menu.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Mary W. (Littleton, Colorado)

They’re a Father’s Day gift, haven’t opened them!

Michael k. (Gateshead, England)
Inferior Quality

The knife I received was not perfect. It had little cracks/scores on one side of the handle. With the help of customer support I have returned the knife and now await a replacement.

Jamie T. (Council, Idaho)
Amazing Knifes!

I now have every knife is their collection and as a cattle rancher and sheep farmer who sells grass fed and grass finished beef and lamb - and loves to cook - I recommend these knifes to everyone! Thank you! Thank you!

Deana R. (Barrow in Furness, England)

Stunning knife to both cit with and to look at

Marsha P. (Fennville, Michigan)
Best knives, best customer service!

This is an absolutely spectacular company. The knives are just amazing and the quality is superb. Customer Service is there for you when you need them and extremely helpful!