Diamond Sharpening Steel
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Diamond Sharpening Steel

Diamond Sharpening Steel

The Diamond Sharpening Steel is coated with ultra-fine microcrystalline diamond abrasives that make sharpening your knives – honing and re-aligning the knives' edges – quick and easy.

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Diamond Sharpening Steel

Our 12" diamond sharpener is a helpful and quality product and is there to make your knives sharp again so that you can use them on any surface. Shop the best products today!

Microcrystalline diamond abrasive.


What's a Diamond Steel Knife Sharpener?

Diamond sharpening is also known as honing steel. Most high quality sharpeners feature a diamond coating to help realign the blade edges of your dull knives. You hold the diamond sharpener upright with the handle in your hand. Move your knives along each edge to get a sharp edge. Often, people do this multiple times in a row, depending on how dull those cutting tools are.

It takes a bit of practice, but never fear! You can get the hang of it. Plus, the length is enough that you don't worry about harming yourself during the process. Read a review first, or start shopping today!

This Diamond knife sharpener steel from Knives Et Cetera has 5 stars and produces a razor-sharp edge for each knife in the drawer.


How Long Does Sharpening Steel Last?

Your knife sharpening diamond steel product is there to last for many decades. This all depends on the brand you choose, and our 9-inch- length honing product is ready for action. You can get the blade edge to be sharper than it ever was with our steels.

Shop now or read some customer reviews to find out why this is such as great purchase!


Diamond Honing Steel - Does It Sharpen?

Yes, our knife sharpener diamond steel product is designed to sharpen the edge of each blade you have. Our brand works differently than other honing tools, and it comes with 5 stars. Please read our helpful reviews or shop for this and other products today. You aren't likely to be disappointed with what we have in stock.

Everyone can enjoy the ultra-fine microcrystalline diamond abrasives featured on the rod. It looks amazing (and a little daunting), but the micro-crystals are there to make it easier to keep the knives sharpened and ready for action. Don't delay, shop today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brian L.
9" Diamond Sharpener (It is not 12" as described)

Note that this diamond sharpener has a 9" long diamond steel not 12" long as described. The total length is 14" including the handle.
It is a good well made quality product.

Rod Allard
Excellent steel

Excellent steel which quickly put an edge on knife that had resisted other methods of sharpening I had tried.
Delivery was efficient.

Dr. A.

Please be advised that the sharpening tool has provided an excellent edge on our knives.

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