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Great product

The entire set, not just this one 3.5 Damascus pairing knife: the entire set is the best set of knives I have ever purchased in my entire life.

As I do all the cooking in my household, I am always struggling to keep knives sharp. These knives have been sharp from the start of my purchase with them and they remain sharp to this day.

I’ve been using the entire set of knives that I purchased over the entire time of my interest in these knives. For the past four months, I have not had to sharpen one knife to this point in time.

I purchased the serrated bread knife. I can honestly say, I have never ever in my entire life had a serrated bread knife so sharp that it would cut my finger or any other part of my body - until now.

I barely touched one of the serrations while cutting bread. I’m gonna tell you now it is sharp. I did not think that such a little tap was gonna bleed for so long.

All I can honestly say is, be extremely careful – as all these knives have razor edges.

Amazing when new

My wife uses these Kitchen Shears 95% to cut her grape vines coming from the store so they fit in her container, even though we both love the design and how they work when new, I’m not very happy about the longevity of the cutting edge.
but as a big plus the very low price offsets this fact a lot. I purchased 2 shears this time, and I’m gonna keep track of how long they keep cutting well, the old ones look brand new, but unfortunately aren’t cutting well anymore.

Very requiring of skill I have not acquired yet. Feels like applying to a job with experience requirements while having no experience

Perfect Gift for a very good friend

I have bought these knives for myself and given them as gifts to foodie friends. They have been blown away by the quality….

Never received the knife so I have no idea

Hi Josh, UPS shows that the item was delivered and we also provided photo evidence of the delivery. We also can't help you when you're not responding to our customer support emails.

Beautiful Quality

The knives are great quality and look lovely on the block in the kitchen. Slicing steak is now so easy!

Whetstone knife sharpener

Works great and looks great!

Great holder, got along with the knife discounted! Very pleased. Good communication of transit, overall fast delivery and good product! Thank you 😊

The best knife ever. I bought this knife for my partner, and it was worth every penny. Very sharp, detailed and made with love and care. He uses it everyday, sharpens it and takes good care of it. I can see this knife lasting many years. Really happy with the quality, especially considering the price. Sleek fancy packaging and the case is great for transport. Even though it never goes away, stays on the magnetic board on display. Great communication and updates, and overall fast delivery! Thank you very much!!!

Complete Damascus Knife Set

Overpriced for quality and off color

The wood has an orange undertone. Disappointing color. It was not well packed and a corner was scratched. The magnet is ok. Center strong but knives fall off on edges. I do not think it can hold more than 4 knives. I would not recommend this product.

Beautiful knife with excellent cutting

The design on the knife is lovely. The blade performs well while prepping food. Anyone using this knife should use caution as it is sharp and does it's job well. It comes with a sleeve for the blade which is needed.

5" Damascus Utility Knife
Ulisses Banuelos
Replacement knife

Thank you for your prompt attention to the replacement of my 5” Damascus utility knife. I love it it. Aside from being a piece of art, it is extremely sharp! Thanks again!

Better than expected

This is my first magnetic board and I am pleasantly surprised, it's aesthetically pleasing and I like its function.

Poor quality delivery

Item was extremely damaged and covered in dust

We apologize for the poor quality of your delivery; this is certainly not our standard. For immediate assistance, please contact our highly rated customer service at info@knivesetcetera.com to arrange a replacement or refund. We’re here to help!

Amazing and a work of art.

Love this!!

Great knife

Wooden Knife Sheath
Faythe Dornink

Love the knuves

5" Damascus Steak Knife
Frank Millsaps
Great knives

Great company. Responds immediately. Would not buy knives from anyone else

Kitchen shears

The scissors are heavy duty and made well, but the finger holes are way too small. I had to get my old scissors back out to finish cutting, because of discomfort of the handles of the ETC scissors. The knives are great!

Love the knives! They look beautiful and cut wonderfully!

Packaging sucks

The plastic envelope packaging was torn and caused the wooden knife ricke to break. I would recommend at least lined envelopes.

Knives are great


It really looks nice and feels good in your hand but it’s a gift so I can’t say much more than that .

Amazing set!